Why doesn't my friends every call me anymore?

We used to talk on the phone everyday. Now since one is in college and working and the other is doing other things, they don't call me much anymore. When I call them, they NEVER call me back. I mean they text me back but they need to answer when I call. I'm not having it anymore! One told me, "I have a life. I can't always be on my phone 24/7."
The other one said she has been busy with school and I scolded at her that she hasn't been calling me since last weekend and we were going to talk after she got done eating. She had company. The other girl I was friends with yelled at me that she doesn't wanna hear any drama and I didn't even say two words to her. I know I talk about my ex boyfriend and wanting to get revenge but it's over. She didn't have to yell. My other peers haven't called me much either. I know they have families and busy with whatever but they can at least call me! Rude selfish people!
Your friends should make time for you.
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It's called BUSY. They have lives.
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You're the one that's rude!
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I don't know
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There's people I haven't seen in two years and I want to reunite with them but they always have plans and always busy with other events. Man everyone is BUSY 😑
Why doesn't my friends every call me anymore?
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