Boyfriend going behind your back/ slander

Recently I found out that my ex spoke poorly of me during our entire relationship.We went out for about 8 months, and since we broke up mutual friends have been telling me things he said about me during our relationship. Here are some of them:

-he said I wasn't smart and he was intellectually superior to me. And he didn't know what he was doing with me.

-He said I was hot, and a good lay.

-When asked why he was still with me, he said because I was attractive and there was no one else to sleep with.

-I'm not looking to marry her.

He said these types of things to a lot of people. That's how I found out, since we have some mutual friends. I feel really hurt. Especially the attack on my intellect. I'm dyslexic and he knows that.

What do other people think? Would you be mad? And do you think our relationship was a sham? I'm just so upset and depressed. How could someone I loved say such things?


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  • I had a boyfriend like this once upon a time too. It was for 4 years though and it broke my heart when I heard the things he'd been saying. I couldn't believe I'd known him so long and never seen that side of him before. The only thing I can tell you though is that he is an insecure little boy who can only feel like a man when he puts girls down. You DON'T want a guy like that.

    No decent guy in his right mind would even think, let alone say things like that about his girlfriend or any other girl for that matter. Don't let it put you off guys though because most of them are pretty respectful despite the bad press they get. I met an amazing guy about a year after who could see all the good things about me and eventhough he is just a friend, he really boosts my confidence. Now almost every guy I meet thinks I'm a great person so my ex was quite clearly wrong.

    If your boyfriend can't see your qualities then he is blind. He also sounds like abit of a sociopath and he's got some serious issues. What he's put you through will only make you stronger in the long run though, even if it hurts right now.

    Please don't feel down about it though because he is just not worth the energy.

    Hugs and kisses babe xxxxxx

    • Thanks for your input. It was awesome. It's interesting because a few of my friends referred to him as a sociopath. It's as if he has no feelings for me.... It's reasuring someone out there went through the same thing. The last thing I want to become is apathetic or jaded. Instead I'd rather grow and become a stronger person after this.

    • Well I'm glad you're feeling better about it. I know it's a really difficult thing to go through but yeah you'll definately grow as a person because of it. All the best of luck :)

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