Do you think its unfair for kids to have gay parents?

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being gay, in my opinion every child needs a mother & a father.
you may be mad at me for saying this but i don't believe any child should grow up with 2 dads, or 2 moms.

every child needs a mother figure, and a father figure to balance things out.
There's certain things no gay couple can do for their child.
It may be different for each couple, but for my family, there were things my mom could do that my dad couldn't... vice versa...

Like one time when my best friend was punched in the nose, my mom couldn't do anything, all she could do was call the police, but my dad was so upset, he went looking for the guys that punched my friend.
Also my dad didn't baby me up, he toughened me up.
So whenever i was hurt he'd be like
"Brush it off you're fine, don't cry about it"

my mom on the other hand would just about cry with me whenever i hurt myself...
it has to be balanced...

Well what do you think?
all i can say is, i'm glad i grew up with a mom and a dad.
i wouldn't want two moms, or two dads.

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Do you think its unfair for kids to have gay parents?
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