My family is ruining my life?

I know this may seem really silly, but today i was sitting on the bed with my ipad watching videos and eating an icecream, and my mom came in the room and she is like "your sitting on the bed with the ioad infront of you and you're eating icecream" in a mocking way like im doing something wrong, like im just relaxing and not cleaning not washing dishes , and just right then i lost my whole appetite and felt like crying, like why would she say that? Im in a vacation from school and im relaxing and enjoying myself and i dont even go out unless once a week im always at home doing freaking nothing and im freaking miserable. I know i dont clean or anything but come on. And thats not the only thing like things happen everyday i wanna get away from my family i just can't take it anymore, even tho they are nice and all and i love them but sometimes words hurt, they really do. I used to be the most person on earth who apperciates familly and my moto was "familly first" but now all i wanna do is get away from them.
My family is ruining my life?
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