I'm a 28 year old in a high school hell?

My mom tells me I'm like a 28 year old in a 17 year old body, just saying I'm more mature for my age. So I've always felt very different from my peers. I don't get invited to party's because they know id rather not be surrounded by drunk idiots and twerking. I'm also giving life advise to a 19 year old. In 7th grade when my friends talked about their "boyfriend's" telling them they love them. I'd tell them straight "he's like 12 he doesn't even know what love is."

I also understand dating from a more mature level (it seems) when I talk about dating my friends think that means your strictly together. When it could also mean you're just having a good time trying to find the right person for you. My friends call this "talking" when to me that means your in the early stages of getting to know one and other and flirting. But if I replaced dating with talking they would get it. Becaude if this mix up they think you can't date more than one person. God that drives me insaine.

The friends I do have are mature but not all the way there yet. I'd like to have some young adult friends. How do you recommend I make them? Or is that worse and I should just hang out with 50 year olds. hahaha
I'm a 28 year old in a high school hell?
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