Boyfriend is secretive?

My boyfriend is not very open with me and its beginning to get to me. Like yesterday I passed him going to another city about an hour where I live. I didn't see him but he saw me. So he told me later that he saw me and I asked what he was doing out there. He said nothing. I know him he doesn't travel alone to go do nothing. He always goes with sum1, perhaps to shop or fish. The answer "nothing" wasn't sticking with me so I asked him again and he got really mad and answered me in a terrible tone, he said nothing just having fun, I met up with a friend, we went to buy stuff. Then he said he had to go that was with sum women out in the street and he couldn't talk. So I was thinking why is he telling me this? Then later that evening he said he wasn't with any women that he had just gotten home and he had things to do but holy macaroni. Then I told him he didn't need to be so rude, then he went off again and asked me if I was drinking . God is this guy on drugs. I mean give me a break ahhhh!


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  • Don't worry much about it. He's innocent until proven guilty.


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