My girlfriend went out with another guy, but came back to me. What do I do? (Read story)

Hi everyone I've come here asking because though I'm always the guys with the answers for this case I'm lost. So long story short my Girlfriend is now 17 and I'm 19. We've been going out for a good 17 months and our relationship is...well was Ideal. No arguments no issues and everything was GREAT. Until...her old friend from elementary school revamped came back into her life. Via facebook they met again and reconnected. Within 2 weeks time they are already listed as brother and sister on Facebook. I was (I think) wise to what was going on. So I express me concern and of course she declines the thought. Simply saying they were friends (Common line I know). Fast forwarding a bit fights happened and we effectively were on a "break" (Unofficial break up <.<...Yes we teenagers are dumb). Anywho we had a total of 2 "breaks" then we went back out only for me to realize she wasn't even trying to keep our relationship alive. She literally was walking with me while flirting with him. OVER THE PHONE. So needless to say I asked her if she even wanted to continue it...I got an bluntly put...No. I was panicked so I wanted scare her into saying yes by saying I'd need to take back our anniversary Necklaces. She handed that and EVERYTHING I ever gave her (save the wireless router) and waving away leaving me to cope.

It gets worse at this point. Literally 2 days later she hooks up with her old "friend". 8/15/10 Lets all note this as the worst day of my life. Despite her reactions I still hung onto the love I felt for her. Thinking about that guy with her made me angry sad and combination of emotions. (Let it be noted that I'm am one of the few well behaved black people in Brooklyn...He...Well...He sags his pants and talks as if he was never educated. And I say this out of fact not hate). Anyway Fast forwarding past what had to be the worst 2 weeks of my entire life. Basically the old friends Ex girlfriend SUDDENLY had feelings for him. And he broke up with My...At this point EX girlfriend. In the end he chose his Ex and My Girlfriend came back to me.

Happy ending right? Not. They still talk. My girlfriend and her old friend. And it seems if I even MENTION so much as a bad thing about him she gets mad.

Fun facts: 3 days after going out with her they both went to 2nd base (For those out of the lingo First level touching and 3rd level Kissing). And to this day SHE KEEPS THE KISSING PHOTOS. Claiming she loves me but can't get over him.

I'm honestly lost as to what to do. Because I've done everything right. I never cheated. I always helped her when she needed it. As far as relationships go I did EVERYTHING right. So why is it that after knowing him (the old friend "Wayne") does it take her more than a month to get over while with ME it took less than 48 hours.

Suggestions? At this point I'm out of my own =/
My girlfriend went out with another guy, but came back to me. What do I do? (Read story)
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