I've got 2 delimmas?

I have two choices. stay at home with my mom or move out.
My mom can be the devil or...
Im constantly feed lavish thoughts im 19 and
Im getting to the point of honestly being happy being homless. dont get me wrong she helps but she also takes. I can't rake anymore of her fucking boyfriend always calling me a rapist i know he hates me and is just fucking with my head but its been going on for2 years i have4 sister 3 that are 5 and one that is 11 he just says the most hateful of shit to me and my mom and my dad thats passed away my mom continues to have him around he dosent even pay rent. I have bout 1600 saved but i have no job ill look for one obviously but not before i leave cause im sick of fasle rides and paying almost everythong and getting no credit. she's pimiping me lol oh abd tge food is shit i makes a big bowl of stew shit gor 2 weeks knowing im not gonna have money and my other two sibiling ain't shit to there 17 and 25 and they take advantage of me and i can't do shit i smoke hella weed to medicate mysrlf they dont like it but i tellem fuck em
I've got 2 delimmas?
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