Why does my boyfriend tell me about other hot girls?

i have been dating my boyfriend for two years now, and everything was good till lately. a couple of weeks ago he started acting weird. he would be short with me on the phone, wouldn't call me for a day or two (we have a long distance relationship, and we agreed on speaking to each other every night). when he was on the phone with me, he would end the conversation in less than 10 mins. I thought this was because his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. one night he went out to a bar to see a concert (a country singer. he goes to a all ag college). that morning he called me up to tell me about his night. one of the first things he told me was about the hot chick with large breasts and long blond hair (the opposite of me. I'm not all that big and I have short hair) next to him. no one was dancing with her.

he thought it was funny, I didn't. he then told me about a friend of his that through this girl named catrina (an ex girlfriend of a friend of theirs) @ him to dance with. this also bothered me because to me dancing with someone is somewhat an intimate thing. of coarse a told him about how I didn't like that. (ended up crying over it) I told him that it made me feel like he was losing interest in me because I'm not there for him.

he told me he sees nothing wrong in what he says, and still does.

recently he brought up the same girl again. told me about how Catrina and his friend (the one that threw her @ him) would go into the friends room and be a little touchy with her. he'd tickle her and what not, but my boyfriend doesn't think anything of it because they're not having sex (which if your that close to someone, I'm sure you have. not saying that's a bad thing).

i guess she's an OK cook because he would boss her around, telling her to make him some food, and how great it is.

he always tells me something wrong with my cooking (I make him sugar cookies and he complains about the icing getting to hard or the sprinkles hurting his teeth)

before all this, he was a great boyfriend. kinda preached his love for me though lol. still kinda does, but I don't know if he means it

is he trying to get my jealous, or something? is this girl a threat to our relationship? does he not take the relationship seriously like I do? sorry for this being so long, wanted to give as much detail as I can.

Why does my boyfriend tell me about other hot girls?
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