Why do my older brothers like tickling me?

I grew up in a household with three older brothers and I've always been the person they picked on the most. They always call me out on everything and one time (just to embarrass me) they told their friend I liked him after they found out. I was so embarrassed and couldn't look him in the eyes for a week after.

The worst is when they gang up on me and tickle me till I'm practically crying. It's so annoying but they're too strong for me to fight off. Just yesterday they trapped me between the couch cushions and wouldn't let me go until I was calling my parents for help. They were making fun of my reactions because I'm horribly ticklish and they said they wouldn't stop until I peed myself (which I was on the verge of doing) :( Why do they like making fun of me and teasing me so much? Normally I can take the teasing but sometimes I get sensitive and it hurts my feelings


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  • Tell them tickling is advanced flirting or foreplay.

    • Ha! That's actually a pretty good idea that will get them to stop

    • Try it out on your crush :D

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  • Super ticklish people are just irresistible to anyone even remotely playful or dominant

    • Lol I guess I get it but they drive me nuts sometimes

  • Punch them in the dick.

    • Lol I guess that's one way to get them to stop

  • lol its just brother sister thing, they won't hurt you

    • Lol I get it but they never tease each other as much as they do it to me

    • just be happy that you have siblings to play with, not all us are blessed with siblings

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