My friend won’t support me and isn’t loyal?

So to explain I was in a small fight with this girl who was my friend she got mad at me cause I touched her property unaware it was hers, she tackled me rolled on me and elbowed me not letting me move and my friends have now chose sides, very few backed me up and claimed that touching another student is wrong and I was really stressed they supported me. however my best friend refuses to come to school because of the drama

she won’t support me, she didn’t even try calming me down all she wrote on her story was “I’m just sick and I wanna stay neutral all my friends are fighting but I don’t wanna pick a side” look idc if she’s neutral which I’ve told her this, it’s great to stay out of things, but you can still back up your friend and stay out of it, she never asked if I was ok, she even thinks what the girl did was justified, she’s so full of anxiety that she can’t even see what that girl did was wrong, and I have social anxiety too but I would never leave a friend hanging.

And if this couldn’t get anymore annoying the same girl that attacked me has talked shit about my best friend before and started dramaand still my best friend stays out of it, like no I want to stay out of it but people making sides and making a big deal out of this just makes it worse, like what do you mean stay neutral just assuming that this is gonna be big and can’t be solved

even though if me and her were reversed I’d comfort her all the time. Just because your stressed doesn’t mean you can just ignore how stressed your friend is


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  • It sounds like you made a mistake. And instead of making amends for that mistake, you're instead distracted by the fact that your friend wants to be neutral. You have all these expectations of how she should be supportive of you, but really it's all unnecessary if you'd just make peace with the person you wronged.

    • But I didn’t wrong anyone, she attacked me, and she’s done violent acts before and has tried to destroy friendships, I just want my friends safe and I’m tying to warn them and then my best friend just complexity ignores everything , I’m angry because for so long I’ve tried to stay neutral and I hate fighting and I never had the pass to get out of drama but for whatever reason she is and she thinks that I caused it when really

      Abuse is never ok ever and this is the first time I’ve ever had the right to stick up for myself and of course everyone’s gonna call me selfish... usually in fights I would stand up for my friends and try to stop the fight ASAP but now for once I belive I was in the right (usually I would always appoligise for being in the wrong) but this time it’s personal

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    • I get it. You feel bad and want comfort. Your friends failed to provide it. Friends aren't perfect. But don't play bitch girls game. She's obviously better at it than you. You're exacerbating your situation by making it a bigger deal than bitch girl. That's the rise she wanted out of you and your giving it to her. Stop giving her what she wants. I'm sorry that you could not find the comfort you needed in your friends, but your friends will learn to be better friends over time. And you'll also make better friends in the future. You guys are all young afterall. You're all still learning to discern rights and wrongs, dos and don'ts, whens and hows. You can stand to forgive their insensitivity here. If it's any consolation, I'm sure you're a nice girl whos just caught in a shitty situation. But I'm just a stranger from the internet, lol. Learn from this experience. It'll make you stronger. The things that make us stronger usually do hurt the most. Best of luck to you.

    • Thank you, I’m so sorry if I was being mean I was just so stressed out, but I talked with the principle and I think it’ll be ok now I’ll try to follow your advice, thank you for taking the time for all this, you have good points and Il just try and appoligise and show my friends that everything’s ok, hopefully ir will work out

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