Is it weird to befriend this guy who work for me? (academic setting)?

I really want to be friends with this guy who works for me on a research project. Just friends, nothing romantic. But I'm the lead on this project, he's hired to work for me, and I'm probably around 7 years older than him. Is this weird and would it come across as creepy if I tried to befriend him? Is this in general a bad idea and should I just wait till he's not on this project anymore? And even if we are not working together, maybe it's still weird given the age difference? I'm so confused.


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  • No it isn't. Why do you think it is?

    • Because I feel like it might be creepy if my boss starts getting too friendly with me, so I imagine he must feel the same way

    • Now all of a sudden if it happens then it is creepy. But just be normal to him. at least find out and know about him before being friends. And with boss the thing is you might be wanting to be friends for a promotion. Make sure here it's not the case.

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