Why do I feel distant with my bff?

My best friend and I has been friend since 9th grade year of high school now we’re in college and I’m sorta getting bad vibes about everything. My best friend and I have most things in common but I remember her telling me about the parties she attended when she was alone in her apartment and how she would never see herself doing certain things. She has some friends I wasn’t too fond of not because I’m jealous but something wasn’t sitting right with me within.

She decided to get an apartment with those girls and she did not tell me about the party so I asked. I saw a snap video of an apartment with a girl grinding weed and some beverages. She told me she drank and danced on different guys at a party but she wasn’t aware of it but was alert with her surroundings. I didn’t want to say anything because we’re both grown and she’s like a sister to me so I am nervous for her. The way she mentioned it sounded as if she felt bad but she had fun..

In college I know it’s hard to do what you feel is right once you have pure pressure and dozens of people doing one thing and you feel left out. I haven’t heard from her and she feels bad for not replying but I understand she has other friends but that’s not the point.

How do I learn to give my best friend her space and try to understand the circumstances without being over protective? I want her to learn her experiences as well.


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