What would be the easiest choice for me?

I live with a very toxic and jealous mother. Everyday with her gets worse and I can't take it anymore. I live in California but I plan to move to Arizona very soon. I am self employed making decent money but of course my checks are always not consistent. I want to save up faster and be able to meet the requirements of getting an apartment once I move out there. Should I keep saving up with my current income or should I get an extra job right now to help me save faster?


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  • The descriptive word toxic makes me think you should do whatever it takes to change locations immediately.

    • Toxic and jealous as she is an emotional abuser and a narc. Its affects my mental health everyday. I thought about moving out now and just staying in a long term hotel in Az and get a second job immediately... What do you think?

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    • I agree. Thank you

    • Good luck Asker! I wish you well.

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