Ever tried to get to know someone, and y'all were always on good terms, then after two months of knowing of their existence, they cut you off?

Yeah, I'm kinda in my feelings right now, but I'll get over it eventually.


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  • yep happened with me too

    I these days go slowly thats why

    when did it happen with you?

    • Mmm. Recently, like this summer.

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    • instead of saying he, i chose to say they cuz;
      "They is also sometimes used instead of the pronouns he or she to refer to an individual person whose sex is not known or mentioned."

      Hey just part of the English language that stuck with me every since I was a kid.

    • Lol

      I know the use of they instead of he/she

      Initially u used he and then u switched to they, that's why I got confused lmao

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