Friend says stuff like "my friends never invite me out anywhere", is she hinting for me to do so?

So I'll start by saying the whole friendship thing is quite new to me, hence me asking this rather basic question.

So, we're work colleagues and she's now my best friend, we don't talk over messages but do a lot at work. So, she says things like the title some time and also yesterday she said that she had to find someone to go to a Christmas carol thing as her boyfriend doesn't want to go.

So far, I haven't really replied to those comments as I don't know what to say! I'd love to do more things outside of work with her, but I don't want to come off as needy since, let's face it, she's my only friend outside of family and my girlfriend. So I don't know, just feel weird replying with "I'll come with you!" Or something like that.

I'm hoping someone who understands people better than I will be able to help me out with this stuff. I'll greatly appreciate it :)


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  • Yeah, a hint for sure. She'll accept any offer you suggest within reason. She's hinting to feel you out; she's not sure where your mind is at.

    I'd recommend you be straight with her. Tell her how you feel... which is you want nothing to do with her until she's single.

    • Oh no, it's not like that, we're just friends. Neither of us want to date the other, and I have a girlfriend.

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