My mother acts like she doesn't want to see me?

I'm 25 and I live out of home with my fiance. Since living out of home, I message my mum often to catch up and have dinner together. I usually invite her over. Sometimes I feel like if I dont make the effort she will never call, or ask to see me. It seems like she doesn't care.

She doesn't have any friends of her own and she's divorced. My younger sister lives at home with her.

My fiance's mother calls him at least once a week and my friends who also live out of home are always in contact with their parents and seeing them frequently. I just feel like I'm the one chasing my mothers attention and when I ask to catch up/have lunch she rejects me.

I don't think its normal. Most parents want to see their children. Dont get it? I see her maybe once every 3 months. We live close, 20 mins apart.


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  • Talk to her about it


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