Was it wrong of me to turn off my roommate’s alarm?

Every other day, my roommate has class at 10:30am, and I have class at 9am. However, her alarm is set to 7:30am, and whenever it goes off, she doesn’t get up until 9am. So I have no idea why she sets her alarm to 7:30am. So, would it be unreasonable of me to ask her to turn off her 7:30am alarm and set it to a later time, since it wakes me up, and she doesn’t get up until 9am? She also sets her alarms in 5 minute increments, and to me, that’s kind of annoying because sometimes I’ll still be in my bed sleeping, and she’ll be in the shower, and her alarm will go off, waking me up. So, I turned it off while she was in the shower. Was I wrong for doing that, because her alarm is on her phone?


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  • Yes. Pretty shitty of you.
    Some people take that long to finally rise out of bed. It's a simple as that. You have no right to go on her phone and tamper with anything.

    • 4d

      She was already up and in the shower when her alarm was going off. So how was that shitty of me?

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