How can someone have such an effect on how everybody sees them?

for the majority of my life I was a misfit from my own family & peers at school
I wasn't picked on but I was snubbed & ignored by everyone

I was isolated since then & a few years ago I came out & suddenly I was given TOO MUCH attention from both genders

I was gossiped about, rumors were spread about me, guys wanted to size me up, females tried to provoke me &/or get my attention

eventually a few scraps & hatred built between me a few of those people that eventually they've left me alone but everyone literally hates me after hating them & fighting back


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  • The way you worded this makes it hard to see what it is that you’re asking.

    Are you asking why most people are assholes who will hate people for silly reasons?

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      it's more so that the assholes are affected that im snubbing them that has me in awe

      I got Soo much attention from the pricks that when word got around that I hated them secretly thoughtout the years we had to withstand each other... they actually feel hurt & affected... im not talking about 1 or a few more assholes but at least 30+ people who literally feel embarrassed that they found out I hated them

      I can't believe I can role up Soo many people

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    • 6d

      every male & female were on me
      from my presence alone & just the few words that I spoke got them curious

      it's still happens but no as much as it did back then

    • 6d

      Well, I hope they leave you be.

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