My fiance and I fighting about my mom?

Today I asked my mom if she wanted me to come over today since we haven't been able to see each other for a few days. We usually do every other day or so. She said yes but that she was gonna take a nap because she has a horrible headache. So my fiance was gonna take me, but then his uncle said he might need the car today so if he did, my mom would have to pick me up. I was waiting for my mom to let me know when to come over and she called and said her head is still hurting really bad and maybe we should plan to see each other tomorrow. I said ok, I might not have a ride there anyway. Everything was fine and we hung up. Then my fiance said,"She cancelled? She's shit. She needs to stop opening her mouth." Because she had to cancel a few days ago because my baby sister was sick. We were watching a movie on my phone and I said "here finish it yourself." He got all confused and said he wanted to watch it with me but I left into the living room and he left after a few minutes. We haven't talked since but I'm starting to feel like I should just apologize and get it over with even though I did nothing wrong. I always do that to stop a fight and I don't want to this time. How would you handle this?


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  • A man who doesn't know how to communicate effectively with a women's always is gonna have problems in relationship.


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