Is it wrong for a father (single or married) to share a bed with his prepubescent daughter?

If a man has a prepubescent daughter (relating to or in the period preceding puberty) and for whatever reason - she's feeling depressed, she's feeling sad or alone, she's scared of sleeping in the dark, she misses her father (or perhaps mother), her room is too cold, she's having nightmares, etc etc. - she wants to sleep in the same bed as her father, would it wrong for the father to allow her to do so?

While it doesn't beggar belief to say that the vast majority of parents love their children and would never do anything to harm them, we also live in a world where an adult man being in close proximity to a female child - even if that child is his daughter - can raise a thousand eyebrows.

I've seen men and women say that it is completely NOT OKAY for a dad - single or married - to be sharing the same bed as his daughter, no matter her age. Things like:
- "What will she think when she feels his morning erection?"
- "What will she think when he accidentally nuzzles up against her and thinks she's a woman?"
- "What if she mentions it to someone else? How do you think those people might view the situation?"
- "What if someone calls Child Services on the dad? How would he explain it in a courtroom?"
- "She's going to be needing lots of therapy in the future!"
- "Children need to know boundaries!"
- "Better to err on the side of caution!"

I've also seen men and women saying that there's nothing wrong with a father wanting to provide warmth and comfort for a daughter who might not be able to fall asleep.

There are some who say that while it might be okay for a married father to do so (but only if the mother is in the same bed or room), it's unacceptable for a single father to be doing that.

What do YOU think?
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I am not sure why this ended up in the Sexuality Category.
Probably because of the word "erection".
Is it wrong for a father (single or married) to share a bed with his prepubescent daughter?
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