Are my friends telling me something?

Sometimes I just feel so alone. I do have friends, but we never hang out. Sometimes I text them and never get an answer back. I texted my friend on Monday and now it is Friday and still no answer after she said that we need to get together soon. I asked her to hangout this weekend. I tried making an effort and nothing happened. I barely get responses from my friends. All I do is hang out with my boyfriend almost once on the weekends. I am a care taker for an older lady and I live with her. So other than hanging with my boyfriend, I hang out with the older lady. Sometimes with my family, too. I just feel like I am losing my friends and I feel like I am just a loner and that I annoy people. I have told my boyfriend that I feel this way. He tells me to text them again, but sometimes that doesn't work. I don't think he understands. He is an introvert, so he doesn't mind being alone, but he does have friends he sees every week. I just feel like he thinks it'll all work out and everything will be fine. I just get so upset that I keep trying to keep these friendships in hopes that these people are my friends, but I just keep putting so much effort in. I am so tired of trying to get nothing in return.


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  • I don't think they're actually your friends.

    I am in student government and I am not the closest with everyone, but whenever I text something in the Group Chat, someone sees it and replies, maybe in a day or two, I'm not expecting instantaneously.

    Friends do not make someone feel like a burden, that they are annoying, that they are a loser.

    Friends build each other up and support.

    If you can, find other people, if they're not responding to you, not even to say "Hey, sorry I was busy this week, we can meet [exact day & time here] instead!" then their non-response is a response, they don't care.

    If the older lady you take care of is healthy enough, maybe you can invite your friends over and include the older lady in the fun.

    Dance to oldtime big band music, watch 50s movies, have a Classic Hollywood Style Party.

    That might be cool.

    I hope you can find real people who you can be genuine with.

    • 2 d ago

      Thank you. It is also hard because I am that friend that would do anything for them and I have always told them that they can come to me for anything. I am trying.

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