Do I have the right to be mad at my friend?

So, I've known this friend for a good while now.
Only that on the last 2 years have we been more close tho (specially on the last). Now, she had her birthday Thursday and her party is going to be on Monday. The thing is, she didn't invite me. And I know, this probably sounds real petty. It's just... it hurts. Last year, it was the same but I was mostly all right with it. We weren't from the same class and while we were friends, we defenitly didn't talk as much. Now, we talk pretty much every week (we are not in the same class), ocasionally hang out, have chemestry tutoring together and, overall, have a pretty good relantionship. So it really hurt that she hadn't invited me and had invited 2 close friends of mine. Off course, last year she said that she would only invite people close to the town where she lives but seriously? My 15-minute-ride isn't going to kill me 'till I reach there.
Some friend...
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So I went ahead and asked her if I could go to the party. She said that unfortunaly I couldn't, since the party is at her house and her mom had already given her a number of people that she couldn't surpass. She sounded really sorry.
Do I have the right to be mad at my friend?
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