Am I Wrong For Not Stopping To Greet My In-Laws In This Scenario?

Me and my husband only have one set of house keys between us, on Monday we were both scheduled to be in work at the same time. He asked if when I left, could I leave the keys at his parents, who live just across the street, for him to pick up when he got back. He said I Should just push them through the letter box and head to work, there was no need to speak to anyone. So I did as he asked.

I Ended up finishing work early so I had to go retrieve the keys myself. This time obviously I had to open the door, and when I did they were right there in front of me. His Dad was in his office which is right next to the front door, with the door open, so I quickly said, "Hey, just picking these up," He said alright and asked why I'd dropped them off, so I briefly explained then we said bye and I left. The whole interaction had gone fine, or so I thought.

Today, three days later, my husband went round to his parents place, and when he returned tokd me apparently his parents are P'd off at me. I Asked why, and he said it was because I hadn't said hi to them when I'd gone for the keys. I Reminded him that he'd told me that I didn't need to speak to anyone, and also I had actually said hi to his Dad when I picked them up. My husband responded that he'd only told me not to say hello on the way there, not that I couldn't on the way back, and that they were annoyed I'd only spoken to the Dad at the door and not gone inside to speak to his Mum. Even my husband is mad at me, and insists I'm 'in the wrong'

I was just following instruction. Yes he'd only said I didn't need to say hello when dropping them off, but we hadn't known I was gonna be picking them up too, so I just followed what I'd already been told. Besides that, I actually did speak to the Dad, so what's the issue? The reason I spoke to him and not the Mum is because he was right there, whereas I never saw the Mum.

I Don't know what I've done wrong, but maybe you guys can help.
Yes, you're in the wrong and should've greeted them both
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No, you're not in the wrong, they are being unreasonable
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You're not necessarily in the wrong, but I do understand why they're annoyed
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You should have greeted them both, but they're over reacting and shouldn't be mad
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Am I Wrong For Not Stopping To Greet My In-Laws In This Scenario?
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