Friends keep commenting on my weight?

So the thing is, I haven’t ever been insecure about my weight. But now I’m a bit insecure about it.

My friends, who are on the thick side. Keep saying I’m too skinny.

Doctors have confirmed i am average weight. Not too skinny or too fat.

I have said that to my friends, but they keep on insisting that i need to eat more.

I’m a person who doesn’t eat a lot, i eat when I’m hungry, and stop eating when my body says stop.

One of my friends, said something about all of us.

She said my other friends were cute, nice, hot etc..

She said i was very skinny. Not as a compliment.

Frankly I’ve had enough of this, i find it insulting now.

What should i do?
Friends keep commenting on my weight?
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