Why would people hate on someone, for no reason?

For example:

You're new to a job, meet some co-workers (mostly girls) who are similar age to you, they invite you out for lunch, you make friendly conversation with them, everything seems to be going well.

... BUT, one of them starts picking on you and saying things like:
"i don't like that new girl, she's weird, she has too much confidence and seems stuck up her ass!"

... And now the rest of the group starts to ALSO talk behind your back, but still acts nice to your face, so they're basically being 2 faced towards you, for no reason!!

Then, before you know it, most the people at work (who barely know you) seem to want nothing to do with you, ignore you, lie about you to management, try to get you in trouble, and they make fun of you behind your back.

Then before you know it, you're pulled into a meeting with your manager, and they tell you that you're fired, for 'offending people, and being rude to people and creating drama'.
(BUT, It's all false stuff that those people made up about you, to get you fired!)

By the way, this isn't about my current job, this is about a job i had in the past!

~ Girls, have you experience something like this?
~ Why would people feel the need to do something as awful as this, and get me fired, when i did nothing to them?
Jealousy / insecurities
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They feel inferior to the person, so they want to 'break them down' in order to feel better about themselves
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They just dislike them // There's a valid reason for those people to bully/harrass them (which makes no sense!)
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Why would people hate on someone, for no reason?
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