How do I deal with my mom?

My mom and I had a fight about a month ago about her boyfriend. I don’t like her boyfriend because he cheated on her and would tell her she owes him money for things he gave her. He would also tell her to not do things for me like driving me places. But then he would act fake around me and was telling me if I wanted him to buy me a car but I denied that because I knew he would try to use that to control me like he does my mom. My mother expressed to me on numerous occasions that she was getting tired of him and will soon leave him. I didn’t believe her but I still hoped because she deserves better.
One night he offered to take me home because my mom had work in a couple hours and my mom agreed. I got upset because I asked her earlier that day to take me home in the morning so he wouldn’t take me home but she assured me she would be able to take me despite her having work. I got upset and told her she can take me home the next day so he wouldn’t have to. He got upset and went upstairs. And my mom said I was being disrespectful. And so did his daughter who on multiple occasions expressed she hated her dad as much as I disliked him.
I always have to be the polite one when he is rude and hold my tongue. I told my mom I was done being uncomfortable when I came over and always have to stay silent to make everyone else feel comfortable.
I told her that this was the last argument we would ever have with each other and I had someone pick me up last minute. My mom held in her tears and told me to think about my decision. When she said that I knew she chose his side. His daughter who I got along with didn’t care even though I been there for her.

That was a month ago.. My mom texted me saying that If I was angry it was okay and that she still loves me.
I responded I love her and only want a relationship with her but she ignored it.
What should I do? Forgive her or no? Was I in the wrong?
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How do I deal with my mom?
How do I deal with my mom?
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