Whats the best way to make friends?

Im curious on how you guys would do it.
I just moved schools and Im bloody paranoid that everyone hates me.

there's this guy that will tease me sometimes and then an hour later after he talks to other people, Il try to talk to him and he'll just be all annoyed and stuff.. so I don't know what I did.. but maybe I'm creeping him out..

Actually every boy seems to hate me at my new school.. and it may be because I look at them... but I look at everyone, I'm a curious person.
Some girls also seemed pissed at me.

All I wanna do is get with the group and chat with them and all that jazz but half of them couldn't give a crap about me and the other half despise me (oh well, it looks like they do) so I need some advice.

When I actually try to friend people I always come off as a bragger.-. or too negative
but when I don't try I come off as stupid and shy and too happy
Close yourself off, or at least mind your own business and wait for them to come to you
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Mind your own business but sometimes force your way into a conversation.
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Wing it, say whatever you want, if they don't like it who tf cares
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Just keep making stupid jokes until they eventually realize that you're just a stupid person and would fit well
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When they tease you just tease them back with shouting and yelling
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Figure out how to start up a conversation and do that and keep doing that for other times
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Whats the best way to make friends?
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