Is this adulting?

So my bestfriend called today. I didn't pickup because I was too sleeping too comfortably. He then texted me asking me if I'd like to go check out a new café that just opened in town.

I said "Sure but not like rn" and he said "Yeah I get you bro. I'm feeling extremely comfy at home too." Then he was like "You can come over tho. I got a cool movie to watch."

We've been bros for 8 years and we've never gotten tired of going out etc. But now we both feel like we just don't wanna leave our houses anymore. We hangout at eachother's places instead of going out.

Even when we meet, we don't get drunk or smoke anything anymore. We just talk about our plans for the future. We rarely do crazy crazy things now.

I look back at who we used to be and we've changed sooo much. Is this what being an 'adult' feels like? I mean did we grow up?
Is this adulting?
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