Would you accept giving your last name to a baby you are not sure is yours?

Unless you still love the mother of the baby even if you are no longer with her. I have a 45 yrd old cousin who has 2 teenage kids. They are both from the last relationship he had like 9 years ago as that is when hegot separated. Last year his ex-gave birth to a baby girl but there is a doubt if the baby belongs to my cousin or not. The thing is my cousin is sure separated but legally and officially he is not divorced yet andwho knows until when he will be, but since he is separated like 9 years ago he can date other women if he wanted and that Is not cheating anymore even if he is not legally divorced yet. I don’t know if the divorce process takes so so many years to be final or for my cousin is not legally convenient for his own personal interests to get a divorce ever. My cousin must know better about divorce process and legal stuff as he works for a law firm (he is not a graduated lawyer though still or even incorporated to the bar).

You see my cousin for his own convenience and selfish interest after separating from his ex, since his ex was “terrible” woman with one of his kids and himself and him having the knowledge of legal stuff, hewill never allow some judge to decide the amount of $$ the ex could request him for alimony if they were legally divorced as it could be a super high amount.

So what he did was just separate her, so a judge won't intervene in their relationship and he have more freedom to decide how much he will pay her monthly for alimony to support their daughter and some money for her but not that much. He even bought her a car just after they separated 9 years ago. But the problem of not being legally divorced in the country I live in, is in regards of the kids. So each month my cousin deposits his ex some money the
amount he decides This is the way it happens where I live.
Since my cousin is not legally divorced yet, any child born from his ex , and if the ex wants his
+1 y
his kids tohave his ex-last name, she can do it even if the kid is from another man as it still falls In the category of having a kid inside the marriage, as if my cousin and his ex are still together, the reason why the baby still is registered under my cousins last name, until said otherwise and since it is registered like that, unfortunately for my cousin, he will have to support that baby as well, because to other people eyes including a judge or some legal people, he is the baby father
+1 y
because he is not legally divorced yet If he was divorced and he was not the baby daddy he will have to prove that so the real father will be the one supporting the kid not him, But my cousin is only separated so he continue to be the daddy of that baby even if he has nothing to do anymore with his ex, unless he stilll care for his ex and wotn mind givng his last name to a baby that maybe is not even his? But as far as I know my cousin does not have a good relationship with his ex anyway
Would you accept giving your last name to a baby you are not sure is yours?
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