I guess the punch was deserved wasn't it?

My then best friend found out last week that I was the one her former fiance cheated with in April. He broke off the wedding and permanently walked away from our lives out of guilt but never confessed.

She knocked on my door all of the sudden (it wasn't even 7 am yet and I was still on PJs, drowsy) and as soon as I answered and greeted her, I get punched. I ended up with a bloody, fat (swollen) lip. Initially I did called her crazy and asked what's the deal, what's the hell is going on, etc. That's when she confronted with that and showed all the evidence.

So was it deserved? It was a hard one. She didn't slap me. She punched the heck out of me. I've never ever been punched in my life by anyone.
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I guess the punch was deserved wasn't it?
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