I feel like I am in the "Dead Zone here?

****Recently, I lost my Fiance's bro to MS, We all expected it. Simultaneously, For my Fiance had sent me a Lovely Pendent, I had began to put Together a Medium sized Box, Filled with Gifts, His birthday card (Putting in a few pounds too, He is in The UK) and Gifts for his bros, Small Ones. A Necklace too for Mum. Now Bro is Gone, Feeling I have to Include, which I am, A Sympathy card, Filled with a Few pounds. He had thought I was Sending mum Flowers but No, I am Doing this Box for all. Am I doing too much, Should I be doing More? Feeling confused here.
Any Thoughts, Ideas? xx
I feel like I am in the "Dead Zone here?
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