Should I put a post on Facebook or not?

My Grandma turned 90 last Thursday and yesterday, my dad's family had a surprise Birthday party for her. We knew we wouldn't be able to go because it's too far out of town, so on her birthday we took her to a nice restaurant just the three of us. As well as getting her a card, a small cake and a rose. Which at the time, she seemed happy about.

However, my dad called my Grandma this morning to ask how her party was and all she could say was that everybody asked where he was and she told them that my parents are homebodies and don't like to leave the house, which is not the case.

My mom as an extensive list of back problems which makes it hard for her to sit or stand for long periods of time, so long car rides she can't do. On top of that, she also has neck problems and her neck gets stiff easy which trigger her bad headaches, which are two of the main reasons she can't go far places.

My dad as horrible anxiety made worse by a hyper active thyroid and he was pinned under a car as a teen, so when he's in jammed pack traffic he gets anxious and freaks out because he feels trapped again. On top of that he has an eye problem which makes driving hard for him, it's hard for him to judge how close or far a car really is from his car. So, he really only can drive to close places that he's familiar with.

My mom's family completely gets it, they don't question it or they are very understanding about it. My dad's on the other hand can't seem to grasp the severity of my parents problems, despite being told numerous times. They just like say my parents are hermits and don't like leaving the house. I want to put a post of Facebook specifically addressed to my dad's side of the family, explaining one last time the really reason they don't go far place. I'm worry though it will cause more drama and I literally can not handle anymore drama.

So, would it be better to say something or not?
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According to my Uncle who was sitting next to my Grandma the whole time, no one ever asked where my dad was. So, my grandma made it up.
Should I put a post on Facebook or not?
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