Would you Feel like a Fifth Wheel?

Some of the Guys who Recently Replied ONLY to my past Question in Dealing with my Fiance's birthday coming Up, And his Friend, An Ex of 11 Years (Has known her for over 30 years total) Is calling him for a Few Minutes (They gossip of people they know, family, Nothing extreme) on his Birthday. It is just a Tradition, Nothing else but it is Me, Who is having a Problem with it. Would any of you Feel like a Fifth Wheel that Morning When you Want to be the FIRST to Jump out of his Cake, To Sort of Speak?
A): Absolutely Livid, Paris
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B): Silly Girl, Paris, You are his Partner, She is just a Friend now.
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C): It is unfair, Paris, Talk to him later on Instead and Show him Tough Love.
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D): Other, Paris!
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14 d
GULP.. I see 100 Percent so far on the Silly Paris. lol Bu that Could Change. lolxx
14 d
Lol!!! Changing now. xx
Would you Feel like a Fifth Wheel?
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