Should I tell how I feel about her?

Should I tell how I feel about her?
I have Social Anxiety Disorder and was never able to make new friends my whole life up until I met a girl last year. She improved me. The first best friend who made me feel who i really was. I started making new friends and all. I couldn't stay away from her, fell in deep love with her. She did too. Until recently, our classes got changed, she made new friends and barely talks to me now. I asked her why and she called me a pest for being around her all the time, told me i lack imagination and talking. That thing what she said shattered my heart. She still calls me friend. Should i open up to her? Or pretend everything is fine? I need your help guys.
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Also the way she behaves with me is completely different. If i touch her, she looks at me like a total stranger. And trust me, she's complete opposite of me. She's a mega extrovert, half of the university is her friends and a lot of people love her. it kinda hurts the way she's with me now. I think she'll even forget i was her friend.
Should I tell how I feel about her?
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