Am I in the wrong? Please help?

Okay so this may be kind of hard to explain but I will try my best cause I really want an answer. So in the past (recent past that is) I have spent the night at my boyfriend’s house a couple times. We always sleep separately and his parents are right across the hall. Our parents talked about it all as well. I had discussed it thoroughly with with my mom and she said yes. All we do is just watch movies, make s’mores, or eat candy. We don’t do anything inappropriate at all. One thing to know about my mom is that she will say yes to something and then try to use it against me later.
After this last time I spent the night at his house, my mom wasn’t very happy about some (I don’t remember what, she gets mad a lot) and she said, “You are always are putting me in awkward/bad situations like with sleeping at A’s (I’ll replace my boyfriends name with A) house.” She does this kind of thing a lot and it kind of gets on my nerves. I believe that if she had an issue with it then she should have not let me spend the night to begin with. And I don’t even know if she has an issue with like that because, as I said, she does this often and then never mentions it again or rarely does. I do however recognize that I may be in the wrong. I just want to know, who is wrong in this situation? Is it her, me, or both of us to an extent? I’m wanting to ask if I can spend the night again but I don’t know what to do or if I should. Please give me some advice, I could really use it. If anyone would like more information I could give it.
Am I in the wrong? Please help?
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