Should I keep supporting my friend? What is the right thing to do?

How long do you help out a friend for? A guy I know has bad luck constantly. He either has car trouble, can’t keep a job, can’t keep a relationship for more than a month, hopeless with money. He was living with me for a few months, got him a job through a friend and as soon as he gets paid he buys a car for himself as a project to spend money on and do up. He has debts to pay off but never does. Complains and whines about anything and anyone.. Sooks every morning when he has to get up early for work. He finally gets a place of his own to rent. Gets some more money from his grandparents to fix his project car because his other car died on him. He spends most of it on a big tv, a bed and a tv cabinet. He could have waited to buy those things. He had a camping mattress he could have used until he got enough money behind him and he could watch movies on his phone instead. His project car, the battery died so I took him to work and then he gets fired for being a big mouth. He just moved in, has no money, no job and a car that he needs to pay for to register it before he can drive it legally. I can’t keep up. I try to help him get a place, buy stuff for the house, drive him where he needs. I can’t keep up... What do I do? Besides all that, I have my own life with a daughter. I feel like this guy is never happy for long... He has no-one besides his brother who isn’t very close with him and doesn’t help him much at all. Besides that he only has me. Do I stay supporting and helping him or do I walk away? I feel like my daughter will be upset if he is out of our lives. I’m stuck...
Should I keep supporting my friend? What is the right thing to do?
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