Should I stay with my parents or move?

Hello, I'm currently almost 25 years old, and live with my parents. I work full time and have enough money to move and live by myself, but should I?

My parents like that I live with them, and my mom would probably be very sad if I move since I'm the last child that still lives with them.

Benefits of moving:
- I would have more independence, and probably improve as a person
- I would have more privacy, to do what I want, or bring people over
- After helping a little I still have a lot of money to invest in the future or buy the things I want
- I could live closer to work and spare a couple of hours on transport every day

- I would basically live to work since most of my money would be used to pay rent and food
- I would need to always cook for myself, clean everything etc. (I do that sometimes at home, but not every single time)
Stay with parents
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Live by yourself
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Share a house with someone (or rent a room)
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Oh, I inverted the advantages/disadvantages, anyway you get it.
Should I stay with my parents or move?
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