Old guy keeps giving me snacks?

I work as a tutor at school and there’s a guy who’s older like 70s who spends a lot of time there doing work or asking me questions because I’m the only person who tutors his subject area.

One day, he comes in and announces that he “has presents” for me and gives me snacks. I thought it was fucking weird but brushed it off. Some days later, he tells me he has cancer, so I tell him about something that could help, because I’m like, if he dies, I don’t want that on my conscience.

Now it’s the end of the semester and he has bought snacks and food for me 4 MORE TIMES and it has become extremely fucking awkward. He announces “I have presents for you” and then gives snacks to me. Everyone gives me weird looks. He will talk about his teacher and how she can’t explain things well and then say ”well, she doesn’t get presents like you do” our loud or say shit like “I’m coming home with you today” and he’ll talk about how many pushups he can do and sometimes he sits too close and our arm or leg will touch. This week, I ran into him in the hallway and he announced in front of a bunch of people getting out of class “Do you want your presents now or tomorrow? I have lots of things for you.” And again, everyone glances at me like “what the fuck?” and I felt so awkward and furious.

If it were someone my age, I would tell them to fucking stop, but given his age and the cancer, I feel like I can’t be straight up, because what if it’s innocent. and I don’t want to have that “I think you like me but you need to stop because i’m not interested” talk with a 70 year old man. Why do you all think he keeps doing this? 😭
Old guy keeps giving me snacks?
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