Am I a bad person if I don't believe that my friend always say that they have depression?

A lot of my friends like to upload in their social media that they have depression and it became more often after the case of KPOP idols that commit suicide. I believe that the KPOP idol do have depression because how hard their work and life is. But I cannot believe if my friends have depression because they seem to be so easy to utter the word 'depressed' for small matter. Of course I don't say it that I don't believe them because I think that it is just rude.

Their life seem to be okay and better than me. They are extrovert who have a lot of friends, always have other people to chat with. Never eat alone. But for example suddenly our lecturer say that he/she want to do a class during weekends, they then at night upload that they feel too tired with life and can't take it anymore.

My life is like the opposite of their life. My dad died. I always eat alone. Very hard to have friends because too scare to talk. But, I'm not a problematic student.

I always anxious for no reason that I have hard time to sleep. And waking up feeling so anxious that I feel that my chest tighten. If something bad happen, it became worse that I can't concentrate at all. I always had hallucinations just when I try to sleep make me afraid to sleep because it feel too real. I also frequently get sleep paralysis. And I'm a very pessimistic.

But I don't upload to my social media saying I have depression or disorder. I don't even tell them what I feel. I just keep it to myself.

I just don't believe that depression as that easy as they claim themselves to be. But, they just think that if we don't respond to their status, that mean we not their real friends because it means that we don't care about them. To me, they just self-diagnosed themselves.

*I'm sorry if my English is terrible. Sorry also that it is too long. I just feel sad a little bit that I confess what I feel.
Am I a bad person if I don't believe that my friend always say that they have depression?
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