I'm confused about this guys intentions?

It is a long story but I will try to keep it as short and concise as I can via bullet points from our past to now.
* first met each other 3 years ago
* only seen each other in person 3 times in these years
* he had a mild crush i had a big crush then he ended our friendship (almost friendship). even when we were in the friends phase I did the chasing, texting everything
* a year later i moved on but when i was down i used to pop up to him and 99% of the time he ignored me
* recently ~2 weeks ago I been through a lot emotionally, told him about my break up with ex, family issues etc.. and he replied and tried to make me feel better. The following day he messaged to check up on me.. I did ask if he regrets leaving me and he like may a little. Since then he has been consistently in contact with me for about a couple of days now... sometimes he will text at other times I will.
He asks personal qs about my likes, dislikes, ex, politics views, family and so forth... yesterday I was in pain and he said you should get quality sleep goodnight and today when I woke up he put Hope u are feeling much better now. I tried calling him.. and he couldn't answer and about 20 mins later messages busy atm ttyl.

So my question is what's going on now... why is he trying to become close again especially now...
I'm confused about this guys intentions?
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