Why do people tend to dislike me?

Not everyone I meet dislikes me, in fact some people really like me and find me funny but since getting married to my husband and moving from england to america for him (after 5 years of being together) most of his family and their partners dont seem to like me for some reason. Their not the nicest people around to be honest, and some have done some questionable things but others seem to automatically block me off like my husbands brothers, their partners, his sister etc. They will speak to me but won't go out of their way to be friendly at all. They seem very competitive with my husband in some ways (comparing wedding ceremonies, stuff their doing with their partners etc it always feels like one big passive agressive pissing contest) I'm wondering why as I've made the effort to be as nice and respectful as possible and I get nothing but aloofness and a cold shoulder in return. I know they know mine and my husbands relationship is legit as there's no faking what we've been through together and before I came they would all say how pretty I was and excited to meet me etc but that hasn't felt the case. We went to his brothers baby shower on one occasion and I was pretty much ignored by everyone. It makes me feel depressed as I have no family here and can't really stand up for myself or confront them as I don't want to make myself look bad. I just dont know what the issue is, they all seem to have presumptions about me yet none are actually willing to get to know me. I fear I'm just stuck with in laws that aren't very nice people.
Why do people tend to dislike me?
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