Have you, or someone you know been the victim of child abuse?

I ask this not to out anyone.. Which is why this question was asked anonymously, and it is preferred that the answers are anonymous.

When I was a child, between the ages of 3 and 12 (3 is as far back as I have memory) I was the victim of both child abuse and sex abuse. Both of my parents were involved in it. My earliest memory of my mother is of playing with plastic blocks, and my mother throwing one at my forehead saying "it hurts doesn't it".. My earliest memory of my father is of being in the tub with him, and him using me as a masterbatory aid as I bawl my eyes out.

When I was 6, my mother divorced my dad. That was the end of what he did to me. As a child I remember being held back in kindergarten because of social development. Which I can guess that it had to do with my early childhood. When my mother was single and not on drugs, things were good, fun even, no abuse, no verbal abuse, nothing, I was just a normal kid.

Then my mom met the man who she would move in with, he was a tatted up drug addict with two children of his own that he rarely saw.

It got to a point where if I was home late from a friend's house, I'd be denied supper for a week, if I messed up at school, I'd get beaten until I was bloody. If I broke something, more beatings. It all came to a head when I was 12. I was told to go to my room.. I go to my room, the window is opened, there is only one window in the room, so that made my light push of the door turn into a slam. My mom comes barging into my room, throws me down on the bed, screaming that she wishes she aborted me, that I'm an embarrassment of a son.. She started hitting me, my face, my back, everywhere, I'm seeing stars, crying begging her to stop, finally something inside of me snapped, I got my legs underneath her and kicked hard. She crashes against the wall then the floor. I stood up, she stood up and tried to hit me. I was faster, I hit her as hard as I could breaking her jaw. I told her "if you hit me again it means you die"
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She never touched me again, instead she had her boyfriend beat me.. Usually with a chain, until my grandfather saw the wounds, and kidnapped me. We got with child protective services, grandfather was given custody, and I got to live a normal life for a short time.

There is a lot more to this story but gag wouldn't let me add as much as I wanted.
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Oh and I put this out there, not for sympathy... But because it helps to talk about it. I still have nightmares from this time in my life, even though I am married and relatively successful.
Have you, or someone you know been the victim of child abuse?
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