Could my mother be jealous of me?

I’m 20, & I have an older Brother who is 26 we both have different fathers and since them my mom has remarried. my brother does not keep in contact with his father but I grew up a daddy‘s girl so my father & I’s relationship is very close.

When my brother speaks bad about his father my mom laughs.. but I got a quote tattooed on me that says “I carry your heart with me” because it reminds me of my father. he is in prison and I have not seen him since I was 7.. and when my mom saw it she said “she needs a tattoo that reminds me of her as well”..

My moms new husband is not a good provider, and can't keep a nice paying job.. and convinced her to put the last of their money into a towing business that put them thousands of $$$ in debt.
Recently I started seeing a guy who is 33 and when I tell my mom about how he takes me shopping, treats me well, sends me money for my books etc she will say things like “ That’s good, I’m glad you found someone like that, I wish I would have been smarter about the men I dated when I was younger, I wish I would could do those things but it’s all good, I’m happy“
I’m a bio Major and I don’t work.. so I rely heavily on my Student refund checks.. but my mom AND stepdad asks me for money EVERY WEEK.. even my older brother sometimes.. he dropped out of a school, I am going to school to be a doctor because I want to live a comfortable life.. I don’t want to struggle like them..

I noticed that she never asks my brother for money and if I say no I feel bad. My brother lives with my mom and stepdad while I am in college.. and she calls me crying asking for money for help with THEIR rent.. because my stepdad is inconsistent with his income, she pays mostly everything by herself and my brother does not help.. I feel bad for her, but I Also feel like it is not my job to make sure that she is not struggling and has what she needs. Do you think this is a case of jealousy or something else?
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Could my mother be jealous of me?
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