A close friend stopped talking to me and I have no idea why. Why do you think that happened?

I was inspired by a conversation on here to ask this. It's a long story, but I'll try to shorten it.
I was stuck in a rut. We used to hang out all of the time, and he got a job in Cali. He asked me to help drive his stuff down, and offered for me to stay down there and start a new life. If things didn't work out, he offered to fly me home.
We had absolutely no conversations about house work, or yard work, or cooking for the household, except while I was there, he asked me to keep my shower clean. (I had my own)
Also his wife didn't have a job, and did her own thing.
For the most part I provided my own food, and did my dishes. I looked for work when I could. (had to do most of it online as I had no car there) but it was to hot to go out during the day, so I went out early or later.
He then started demanding I do yard work for him, and also make food for everyone 2-3 days a week.
I was upset about that, but did what was asked for a week before I got fed up, and he also go mad at me for not doing my part. He shipped me back home early, and then we barely talked for months.
After I was shipped home, he caught his wife cheating with someone from her new job she got after I'd gone.
We talked a little at one point, then I asked him straight up what happened, stating everything from my point of view, then I haven't heard from him since.
At one point years later, we'd both commented on a mutual friends Facebook post.
I went back to look at something, and noticed his comments were gone, and I couldn't find him on Facebook. I logged into my other account and found him. He'd blocked me.
I've been wracking my brain for years trying to figure out why he's not talking to me, and my only guess is that he thinks I slept with his now ex wife. (Which I definitely did not.)
A close friend stopped talking to me and I have no idea why. Why do you think that happened?
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