Is it possible that I could be adopted?

First of all I been told by the city hall county office that my birth certificate it's fake. I don't have hospital pictures when I was a baby. My parents would yell at me all the time but if my siblings say curse words my sister would always bother me make mess and my mom would never say anything to her. One time my little bro was bugging me my mom out of no where yells at me Don't you ever yell at my kids! When she could have said do not yell at your brother. When I was a teen I went to this fortunate teller I told my mom about and my mom gives me the worry look she was like did she tell you , You could have other siblings. I was confused I was like no why then my mom tells me well nevermind just forget it. I never felt that mother daughter connection with my mom when I was little. Could I be adopted?
Is it possible that I could be adopted?
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