I feel like my best friend doesn't have time for me, what should I do?

I have a female best friend who I have been friends for about a year she first called me her bff. lol. Anyways, we both work at the same company just different jobs and different buildings so we rarely see each other at work sometimes we will see each other at our cafeteria, but we always talk to each other every night. It's cool that we talk to each other each time, but I'd like to hang out with her as well on a weekend. Recently she has been talking with this guy who works with her, he knows who I am and we're cool. My friend is a single mom and she can't really go out as much because of her kid, the few times she can go out she wants to hang out with the guy she talking with, and I encourage that, I want her to be happy but at the same time, yeah we do talk to each other each night but, would like to hang out as well since we rarely see each other. It's one thing that you talk, but you would like to see the person face to face as well. It's just that I always initiate to her let's hang out when you don't have your kid, but sometimes things come up with her and she can't which I understand but I feel like she doesn't take any initiative to ask me to go out or something, but when it comes the guy, she'll pretty much do whatever with him. I just feel that now she has someone she's interested in I feel I'm left out. I did talk to her about and she says that, he just happens to be at the right place at the right time which in turn I get that, but I wish she would tell me one time hey I don't have my kid, let's hang out. Is that too much to ask? Any tips would be help thanks


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  • Dude, start hanging out with guys. Girls aren't meant to be your friend, and as you've outlined, she isn't acting like a friend.

    Friendships with girls do not work out. Maybe they work for three or four months, heck maybe a year. But eventually they all crumble.