Telling your family about your boyfriend?

My parents are divorced, and beside that, my family has hella isuess but overall I have good relationships within it. I had the luck that noone is conservative in my family, so i never had to repress smth with a guy if i wanted to be in a relationship or hide one. However, I once got with a boy that I had an ubelievably strong crush on, Im talking astronomic strenth. He was important to me. However, my brother has heard he was a drug addict (he was bit of a pothead but the rest isn't true) and he harrased me, threatened me, manipulated me and found the cruelest possible words to say, just to get me away from him. Nobody really took my side in the family, everyone didn't want to get involved (cause my brother is... he's not bad but noone actually has authority over him, noone would actually dare to argue with him), and my aunt that I trusted leaned to his side and accused me for the whole problem. Some years pass, and one night my mom trows a fit and also breaks my heart into pieces by emotional blackmail over another guy (also to leave him cause she personaly doesn't like him). I've seen much worse things in life but this did cause a trauma. I get anxious and uncomfortable whem my family asks anything about my love life. I get revolted and discusted, anxiety is telling me that all hell is going to brake loose if the topic comes up, even trough practicaly everythings okay now. So, is it okay or would I be a bitch if i requested my family to never touch that topic with me again? I know its a bit unrealistic but... I just want them out of my love life forever, I dont want them to know about any partner even if they would like them, so am I just to ask especialy my aunt and my brother to not ask me about partners and to not try to give any advice?
Telling your family about your boyfriend?
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