Should I leave my boyfriend because of his family?

My boyfriend and I (17 years old) started dating around six months ago. Throughout the first couple of months, I began to realize that my boyfriend had confidence issues and it was mainly due to the relationship with his father. He had begun to tell me bits and pieces of his father and they began making sense when I had gone to his house over the months. Apparently, the father acts in a narcissistic manner, basically parades around the idea that he has financial control over his wife and five kids, and the equivalent of a red neck in my opinion. I ask that you take what I say with a grain of salt because of my bias due to growing up with Italian immigrants, but the behavior from his family is unbelievable. He gets off on the fact that he is able to dictate over all the people in the home, saying that, "they are nothing without him". The father of my boyfriend objectifies his wife as proceeds to have three daughters, spanking her in front of his sons, talking dirty with his children nearby, and telling my boyfriend about the night he was conceived. The father has even gone to the extent to tell my boyfriend that I do not love him, my boyfriend is infatuated, and that my boyfriend should be mad that I have had other boyfriends. There is only so much I can fit in a 2000 word question, but there are just so many things. This man is playing a factor in my relationship, he's gone to yell at my boyfriend for giving my mother the number of his father. It's just I understand why my boyfriend is the way he is because of the environment, however, I do not have full knowledge of each household member. Each member of the house seems to have an issue with me for some given reason. Father uses me as a treat and punishment with my boyfriend, the mother who acts like a doormat seems to find competition with me, drug addict sisters who cower over my social media and go back to high school classmates of mine to ask information. I love him but do I run? I don't feel comfortable.
Should I leave my boyfriend because of his family?
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