My dad is starting to become resentful towards me because of my success?

In the last couple years, my life has really transformed financially. I’ve been quite obsessive with entrepreneurship, and have made some lucrative investment choices. I’m wealthy, and have more than most.

I have flat out told my family that I want to be rich. I want to have super cars, and I want to have a mansion. I want to have it all. I don’t think this makes me a bad person though. I want more for self motivated reasons, but I also want to give towards my family and give them everything in the world. Have I had moments of being cocky? Sure, and I’ve grown from it.

I have paid off my parents mortgage, and have bought them vacations and nice things. All four of my younger cousins, well I’ve started a custodial investment account for each and put 5k in each of their accounts to get them started. I have an entire savings account titled “Giving” and put $500 a month in there just to help friends and family out when I can.

This isn’t a brag, but rather a desperate reach out for some advice. I’ve lost so many friends that have become bitter and envious. Even coworkers as well. I’ve had friends tell me that all I care about it money and I’m greedy and/or lack ethics when I’ve done no such thing to show them that.

Now my own father, is challenging me constantly. He has an ego problem with me. He has thrown low blows at me, and always seems to irrational dominate every situation involving me. I got in a big fight with them just this morning, because I’m sick of his comments putting me down. I literally never thought my own father would be like this towards me. I thought my dad would be proud of me.

I’d trade the money I have today to just to get some parts and people of my old life back. It’s turning so many people against me left and right, and it’s to a point where I have to hide things from others.

I’m so fucking on edge thinking people are judging me for being snobby, greedy, selfish, or immoral. It’s really.. really fucking with my head.
My dad is starting to become resentful towards me because of my success?
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